There may be many causes of neck pain.

Posture disorders are the most common reason, especially due to the increase in working time in the office and stresses in the daily life, and the strain of the muscles, ligaments and joints in the neck area.

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Knee is a joint that is under pressure and open to external effects, used intensely in daily life.

Knee problems are generally a joint that reduces the quality of life, limits daily activities and can cause chronic pain. Knee pain is a very common pain in the society that occurs due to different reasons in different age groups.

Prolotherapy is the general name for local injection methods applied to the areas where the ligaments attach to the bone.

Using special needle tips, solutions specific to the disease are applied to tissue that is damaged or whose function is impaired. Stem cell and growth factors are stimulated at the injection site and tissue repair is aimed.

The hand is a very necessary perfect structure for everyday life activities in the human body.

Many diseases that cause hand and wrist pain have been described. The most common of these are traumas and related tendon and nerve injuries.

It may be possible to get rid of complaints that are thought to be unsolvable.