Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain

The shoulder joint is not a single joint, but a complex of joints formed by the joining of the four joints. In this way, the shoulder, which can have a wide range of movement ability, is also prone to high damage due to the same reason. Therefore, pathology in shoulder pain can be caused by very different tissues. Shoulder pain is the most common musculoskeletal system pain after waist and neck pain.

Shoulder problems are frequently encountered in those who use their arm very intensely, especially those who have to use their hands in the overhead position for a long time and athletes.

The most common causes of shoulder pain are pain caused by the shoulder’s own structures. The pathology that is defined as compression syndrome involving the tendons of the shoulder comes first. Impingement syndrome is seen as a result of the tendons of the muscles that enable us to raise our arms and the sac in the region between the bone structures that form the shoulder. It is a clinical picture that results from the restriction of movement of the arm as a result of narrowing of the frozen shoulder joint capsule. One of the pathologies that cause the most severe pain in the shoulder is calcific tendinitis. It is a condition caused by the precipitation of crystals on the tendon, which we can explain as lime accumulation in soft tissue for an unknown reason. Shoulder laxity or half dislocations of the shoulder, muscular strain pain around the shoulder called myofascial pain syndrome are the most common problems. Shoulder pain may also occur due to the damage of the nerves of the muscles around the shoulder and weakness are more prominent in the shoulder.

The less common causes are pain caused by off-shoulder structures. The majority of inflammatory rheumatisms affect the shoulder. Cancers of the upper region of the lung, liver, gallbladder, even spleen problems can be encountered with shoulder pain. It should be remembered that neck hernias cause pain that radiates to the shoulder, and the causes that cause neck pain and those that cause shoulder pain can often be confused. Since the shoulder joint is not a load-bearing joint, calcification disease, which we call osteoarthritis as much as the knee joint, is not seen in the shoulder joint.

Although treatment varies according to the underlying cause, successful results can be obtained with pharmacological treatments, exercise options and physical therapy methods in the vast majority of cases.

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