Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries

Although sports injuries can cause problems such as fractures that also affect bone tissues, many are injuries that affect non-bone elements in the musculoskeletal system. These structures, called “soft tissues”, are structures such as muscle, tendon, ligament, faults, articular cartilage, meniscus, skin and subcutaneous tissues.

The affected areas are generally waist and neck regions, hip, knee, ankle regions and shoulders, elbows, wrists, according to the sports activity.

Generally, viscoelastic muscles, tendons and ligaments are the soft tissue elements that are most exposed to the risk of internal and external trauma in all sports activities. Sportive trauma can be “acute” in a single and large feature, as well as minor and recurrent or overuse injuries. Repeated burden and use may be the primary cause of injury, especially since there is no opportunity for tissue regeneration when rest is inadequate.

Many injuries can be accompanied by bleeding and inflammation. Inadequate body structure, insufficient warm-up and stretching, insufficient equipment, overload and fatigue, malnutrition, environmental factors and ground defects, preventive measures (leg protection, helmet, mouthpiece etc.) are the most important causes of injury.

The main goal is to reduce pain and inflammation, prevent hematoma formation, dissolve hematoma and prevent adhesions that may occur in muscle. It is important to plan treatment with pharmacological treatments, injection therapies, exercise treatments, physical therapy and sportive rehabilitation approaches according to the severity, region and time of the injury after the acute period treatment.

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