Preoperative Rehabilitation

Preoperative Rehabilitation

Since the body will go through a planned trauma in the operation; It is important to prepare both mentally and physically. Physical therapy and rehabilitation before surgery may facilitate this process.

When physical therapy and rehabilitation is performed before surgery; person learns and practices exercises, stretching and movements. Thus, the recovery process is more efficient, short and painless. In this training process, the therapist can teach you how to properly use any assistive device you may need. In this way, the risk of slipping with a cane or walker is minimized.

It is possible that the muscles near your surgery area are already weaker than normal due to the current health problem. It is important to start strengthening them before surgery. Surgery is a planned trauma for your body. But even though it is corrective, the body cannot discriminate. The muscles in this area may be weaker and uncomfortable due to the operation. Advance strengthening helps the joint to increase the range of motion and maintain its functionality in the long term. Thus, the operation and the next period are more comfortable and relaxed.

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