Scoliosis is the three-dimensional deformity of the spine. In posture analysis, if someone with scoliosis is looked behind, it is observed that the vertebrae that should be lined up on the same line are disrupted and there is a curvature to the side. Scoliosis is accompanied by rotational deformity in the vertebrae in most patients. When the person leans forward, rib hump and scapula prominence are detected. In this case, Adam’s test is positive. Adam’s test, also known as leaning forward test, is widely used in scanning scoliosis.Patients have no complaints in the early stages of scoliosis. For this reason, many patients are diagnosed by chance. A physical education teacher or one of the family member notices the appearance disorder in the child, or it is detected on a radiograph taken by chance. In patients with scoliosis, besides the curvature of the spine, the shoulders or pelvis may not be at the same level. It is important for parents to pay attention to their child’s posture for early diagnosis because early diagnosis and treatment in scoliosis is very important for the healthy development of the child’s spine. Otherwise, biomechanical imbalance in the spine impairs the child’s quality of life from the middle ages as  neck hernia, herniated disc therefore neck, back and lower back pain shows itself.

This is a progressive process. Then, pain, numbness findings of the affected nerves due to facet joint degenerations, osteophytic degenerations and compression are added to the table. Spinal canal stenosis develops in cases of more advanced spinal degeneration and calcification.
Neurogenic claudication in spinal stenosis, that is pain and limitation exacerbated by walking, are included in the picture.
The most important point in the treatment of scoliosis is to is to evaluate each person with scoliosis individually and in detail. By analysing spinal movements, the affected body parts are detected.

Determining the location and angle of the curvature and measuring it with scoliosis are essential for accurate diagnosis and treatment because each patient has different posture disorder and consequences reflected different in the musculoskeletal system.Since scoliosis is a three-dimensional curvature, its treatment should be considered and applied in three dimensions. One of the treatment methods with the highest level of evidence in scoliosis is the Schroth method in which Katharina Schroth managed to treat her own scoliosis. Schroth method programmed specifically for the person and curvature; In addition to the rotational breathing technique, a special program is applied to protect the respiratory capacity and correct the three-dimensional curvature.The purpose of this program is; normalizing the affected spine parts, activating the shortened and weak muscle groups by preserving the respiratory capacity along with the rotational breathing technique, ensuring and maintaining a proper posture, strengthening the leg, foot, back and abdominal muscles.

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