Dr. Pistor, who founded mesotherapy practice, said “It is a new and simple treatment method in which the effectiveness of the treatment increases when the drugs are given near the place where the disease is located” and put forward the concept of “To the appropriate place, Small, Less Frequent and Stronger Effect”. Indeed, while Mesotherapy is being applied to the area that is aimed to be improved; The same or similar drugs are used by mouth or intravenously or by hip, but with a very small amount of administration; much more effect is received. Because, drugs applied locally to the middle layer of the skin directly affect the relevant region. Since they show their effects without breaking down in the liver, they do not have systemic (affecting the whole body) side effects.

In the mesotherapy method, by determining the correct application region with the right product; it is possible to see a much stronger effect with much less product, much less often.

Mesotherapy Treatment;

* As we are used in pain treatments such as trigeminal neuralgia, migraine type pain, headaches, neck pain, tendinitis, bursitis, osteoarthritis (joint calcification);

* We are also used in medical aesthetic applications such as hair loss, acne treatment, acne scar treatment, obesity, regional weight excess, anti-aging treatment in cellulite or skin wrinkles.

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