Knee Pain

Knee Pain

Knee is a joint that is used intensely in daily life, is a load-bearing joint that is open to external influences and causes frequent problems. It is a joint that when its defected, it usually lowers the quality of life of people, limits their daily activities and can cause chronic pain. Knee pain is a very common pain in the society that occurs due to different reasons in different age groups. Pain in the knee region may be due to diseases of the knee joint and bone structure itself, as well as soft tissue pathologies such as muscle around the knee and tendon bursa.

Knee pain in children is often seen as growth pain, but Osgood schlatter disease, which is the result of trauma in need of serious treatment, and the growth of the bone on the front of the knee, is also one of the important knee pain problems in children. In adults, especially knee side ligaments, cruciate ligaments and meniscus injuries can occur not only in sportive injuries but also in daily life. Tendinitis of the muscles adhering around the knee joint is also one of the important problems in the young population, especially in those engaged in sports. The vesicles around the knee joint can become inflamed in all age groups, leading to knee pain and knee swelling. In older ages, knee calcification (osteoarthritis) is an important cause of knee pain caused by damage to the joint cartilage due to excessive burden due to weight and knee joint not being used properly in daily life. Rheumatic diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis can also involve the knee joint.

Although the treatment varies according to the underlying cause, successful results can be obtained with pharmacological treatments, injection treatments, exercise options and physical therapy methods in the vast majority of cases.

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